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New to Radio Sales?

Just getting started in Radio sales and wondering where to begin? This section of the RSC forum is for you. Ask any questions you like, and get great answers from our radio sales veterans. You'll find lots of helpful information here!

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The Round Table: Brainstorming & Problem-solving

Have a question about sales and advertising? Dealing with a difficult client? Need some input on an ad campaign? Looking for ideas for a promotion? Post your questions -- and your answers to others' questions -- here!

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Friday Polls

Every Friday we send a poll question to RSC members; please share your answers -- to the current week's question and any of the previous weeks' questions -- in this forum. And if you have requests for poll questions, please let us know!

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Copywriting Tips, Commercial Examples

Articles for ad writers by ad writers, commercials for illustration and inspiration.

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Killer Promotions & Ad Campaigns

If you or someone at your station has created a successful ad campaign, sold a tough client, or put together a brilliant promotion, we'd love to hear about it - post here!

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Sales & Marketing Resources

Tell us about your favorite sales and marketing resources -- books, magazines, newsletters, websites, sales consultants, etc. Where do YOU go for ideas and advice? If you come across a good sales article, please post the link here.

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RSC Sales & Advertising Library

Welcome to RSC's archive of audio recordings and book recommendations designed to add to your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

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Radio Sales Employment Opportunities

What opportunities are available in your market for radio advertising sales professionals? What about sales-support positions, copywriters, etc? If you're offering or seeking employment in radio sales, post here!

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RSC Classifieds, aka "Radio Stuff for Sale"

Have studio equipment or parts you'd like to sell or are looking to buy? Sales training courses? Other radio- or sales-related items? Here's your chance to connect with like-minded members. Please note: this section is for private party classifieds only, NOT business ads.

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Rebecca Schwartz replied to Jerry Janowski's discussion 'Getting Through "The Wall...."'
"Hello Jerry, Thanks for posting!  I'm going to include this discussion in tonight's newsletter, and I'm sure the replies will be useful to many RSC members.  In the meantime, we did a Friday poll a while back on best tips…"
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Jerry Janowski posted a discussion

Getting Through "The Wall...."

I've been in this marketing consultant position 2 months and have hit "the wall." I've been making the required calls (not just to make them, but with purpose), have had a few appointments and have a sale (although I'm concerned because they aren't returning emails/calls regarding the final details - payment, spot approval, etc.).Plus, I'm at the "who else do I call" point.Any advice for getting through this spot?I work for a News/Talk/Sports and New Country station.Thanks!!See More
5 hours ago
Ishaan Ratnam posted a discussion

On Air Promotion Ideas for Taco Bell

Hi Guys!This is my first post on and I am pretty excited about discussing radio sales ideas with you all. I am from India where radio is still at its nascent stage. I work for a CHR radio station that plays contemporary Bollywood music. Well, right now I need your help in sharing some of the ideas for our client Taco Bell which currently is in just two of the markets in India (Bangalore and Mumbai). They are planning to expanding to other cities as well by the end of the…See More
13 hours ago

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Dave Warawa - PROSALESGUY posted a discussion

Want To Increase Your Sales? Start With These Three Personal Goals

A group discussion on the best sales training techniques in Vancouver recently provided the insight for this week’s PROSALESGUY BLOG.  While we discussed many client focused elements like probing for needs analysis and customer engagement, the conversation eventually came down to these three prerequisites. Start HereAs a group, we…See More
Rod Schwartz replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Music/Instrument Stores'
"Here are three from a local music store client's ongoing branding campaign."
Rebecca Schwartz liked Stephen Pead's discussion 26 Great Subjects for Sales Meetings
Dave Warawa - PROSALESGUY replied to Stephen Pead's discussion '26 Great Subjects for Sales Meetings'
"Excellent article, Stephen!  Your sales meeting is an opportunity for dialogue, learning and consensus.  Too many Sales Managers have their own agenda for the meeting. If you have the attitude that the sales meeting is the property of the…"
Stephen Pead posted a discussion

26 Great Subjects for Sales Meetings

Recently I wrote an article on sales meetings that generated a lot of interest “Eleven Ways to Make Sales Meetings More Effective”.Based on the feedback and comments it seems that at regular meetings all over the country, too many sales managers still do all the talking and the sales team still do all the listening or in some cases just sitting there being bored and disengaged - resulting in a lose-lose outcome; a team of grumpy demotivated sales people!!Group DiscussionIn conducting sales…See More


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