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New to Radio Sales?

Just getting started in Radio sales and wondering where to begin? This section of the RSC forum is for you. Ask any questions you like, and get great answers from our radio sales veterans. You'll find lots of helpful information here!

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The Round Table: Brainstorming & Problem-solving

Have a question about sales and advertising? Dealing with a difficult client? Need some input on an ad campaign? Looking for ideas for a promotion? Post your questions -- and your answers to others' questions -- here!

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Friday Polls

Every Friday we send a poll question to RSC members; please share your answers -- to the current week's question and any of the previous weeks' questions -- in this forum. And if you have requests for poll questions, please let us know!

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Copywriting Tips, Commercial Examples

Articles for ad writers by ad writers, commercials for illustration and inspiration.

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Killer Promotions & Ad Campaigns

If you or someone at your station has created a successful ad campaign, sold a tough client, or put together a brilliant promotion, we'd love to hear about it - post here!

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Sales & Marketing Resources

Tell us about your favorite sales and marketing resources -- books, magazines, newsletters, websites, sales consultants, etc. Where do YOU go for ideas and advice? If you come across a good sales article, please post the link here.

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RSC Sales & Advertising Library

Welcome to RSC's archive of audio recordings and book recommendations designed to add to your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

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Radio Sales Employment Opportunities

What opportunities are available in your market for radio advertising sales professionals? What about sales-support positions, copywriters, etc? If you're offering or seeking employment in radio sales, post here!

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RSC Classifieds, aka "Radio Stuff for Sale"

Have studio equipment or parts you'd like to sell or are looking to buy? Sales training courses? Other radio- or sales-related items? Here's your chance to connect with like-minded members. Please note: this section is for private party classifieds only, NOT business ads.

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WLS Chicago - Vintage ('69) Sales Presentation Video

"Ha..  This was a great way to shut it down on a Friday!    Thanks Rod!"
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Jack Walker replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"In a competitive environment, you never want to do anything to run business away. The customer paid for the production somewhere in the price. Personally, if my client is running on more than one station I WANT to be the one producing every ad.…"
15 hours ago
Joe Lyons replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"I own what I write and voice. To be sure, I put my name and a © bug on it. There is nothing worse that driving down the street listening to a spot you spent the weekend on badly voiced by some rock jock on another station. (Sorry rock jocks,…"
16 hours ago
Simon Paul Rushton replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"My question would be, do you value your Creative and the production so little that you attach no value to it? "
20 hours ago
Rebecca Schwartz replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"We've received the following replies via our Facebook page: Julie Slanaker Lekwauwa I have always thought of it as a co ownership of the spot. Basically, if the client wants to export the ad and run it else where they can. My station…"
20 hours ago
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A discussion started by Tom Roberts was featured

Free RingWord to all RadioSalesCafe Members

Hello Radio Sales Café members,Has this ever been you? I would like to offer fellow RSC members a freebie on our new site: RingWord.comA RingWord is a mnemonic device; a way that customers can easily remember something that is abstract, a phone number. A RingWord is like…See More
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Julie Hein replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"We don't charge for writing, VO or production.  We allow (and even encourage) our clients to use an ad we create IN OUR MARKET.  If they want to use it OUTSIDE the market, they have to pay fee for the talent and…"
20 hours ago
John Steele replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"It must be the clients. if they have paid for the product to be produced and aired and have the right to remove and/or  stop payment, control the content, own the results… its their vehicle. Does a sign company own your companies sign?"
20 hours ago
Bob Roach replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"The station may own the commercial, but the advertiser is paying for it.  As a client buying advertising I would be very upset if the station wanted to charge me for a copy of a commercial for my business to run on another station.. You people…"
20 hours ago
Chris Rolando replied to Rebecca Schwartz's discussion 'Friday Poll: Who Owns the Spot? (Part 2)'
"Our station policy:   Once an ad runs on any of our stations, even once, it belongs to the customer.   We do not charge if it runs elsewhere.  We don't hire any "talent" that has any rights to anything they produce for…"
20 hours ago
Kate replied to Kate's discussion 'How to approach agency buyers'
"Excuse the typos."
21 hours ago
Kate posted a discussion

How to approach agency buyers

Hello,What would you all say is best way to go about emailing or calling an agency buyer and actually get a response.I've been finding that when I'm contacted its all fine but when I reach out, either I don't get a response back or it takes them days.An email would be similiar to this,Hi Kelly,I'm Kate Marketing consultant with WHTG radio. Ron Smith from Hudson Toyota gave me your information and said you'd be the person to contact regarding advertising.I would love to tell you about our…See More
21 hours ago


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