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New to Radio Sales?

Just getting started in Radio sales and wondering where to begin? This section of the RSC forum is for you. Ask any questions you like, and get great answers from our radio sales veterans. You'll find lots of helpful information here!

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The Round Table: Brainstorming & Problem-solving

Have a question about sales and advertising? Dealing with a difficult client? Need some input on an ad campaign? Looking for ideas for a promotion? Post your questions -- and your answers to others' questions -- here!

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Friday Polls

Every Friday we send a poll question to RSC members; please share your answers -- to the current week's question and any of the previous weeks' questions -- in this forum. And if you have requests for poll questions, please let us know!

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Copywriting Tips, Commercial Examples

Articles for ad writers by ad writers, commercials for illustration and inspiration.

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Killer Promotions & Ad Campaigns

If you or someone at your station has created a successful ad campaign, sold a tough client, or put together a brilliant promotion, we'd love to hear about it - post here!

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Sales & Marketing Resources

Tell us about your favorite sales and marketing resources -- books, magazines, newsletters, websites, sales consultants, etc. Where do YOU go for ideas and advice? If you come across a good sales article, please post the link here.

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RSC Sales & Advertising Library

Welcome to RSC's archive of audio recordings and book recommendations designed to add to your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

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Radio Sales Employment Opportunities

What opportunities are available in your market for radio advertising sales professionals? What about sales-support positions, copywriters, etc? If you're offering or seeking employment in radio sales, post here!

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RSC Classifieds, aka "Radio Stuff for Sale"

Have studio equipment or parts you'd like to sell or are looking to buy? Sales training courses? Other radio- or sales-related items? Here's your chance to connect with like-minded members. Please note: this section is for private party classifieds only, NOT business ads.

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Rebecca Schwartz replied to Clifton Foster's discussion 'Brand New to Radio Sales'
"Clifton, congratulations on your new career, and welcome to RSC!  I appreciate your kind words & am glad you've found some helpful information. I'll be sure to include your post in this week's newsletter, and I'm…"
1 minute ago
Clifton Foster posted a discussion

Brand New to Radio Sales

First off, I want to mention that I've spent the past couple days browsing some of these discussions and I'm pleased to say that I've gleaned a good bit of information and helpful tidbits. You folks have been extremely helpful already without even knowing it.I recently embarked upon a new career path and came on board with a strong, well established locally owned station. In fact, I just got started on the 26th! This is, in a nutshell, a rather significant transition for me. I've spent the past…See More
1 hour ago
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2 hours ago
Rod Schwartz posted a discussion

Why Pizza Shops Love Radio Advertising

Today's (1/27/15) Radio Sales Today email from the RAB made reference to an excellent article from PMQ Pizza Magazine (a trade publication for the pizza industry), touting the effectiveness of Radio Advertising for pizza restaurants.According to the article's author, Dann…See More
21 hours ago
Rebecca Schwartz replied to Dave Warawa - PROSALESGUY's discussion 'Free Sales Training Webinar with Dave Warawa - PROSALESGUY'
"Amy Morin, a Forbes contributor, just published an article on Dave's book:  Communication Lessons from a Sales Trainer: Stop Talking and Start Listening. Don't forget, registration to Dave's Feb. 4 webinar is limited, so sign up…"
22 hours ago
Rebecca Schwartz updated an event

Father's Day at USA

June 21, 2015 all day
June 21 is Father's Day . . . don't forget Dad!Top sponsorship prospects for Father's Day promotions include sporting goods stores, hardware stores, men's clothing shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, etc.Father's Day promotion ideas:ugly tie contesta BBQ/grilling contesta father-son workshop hosted by a local home improvement center (or a father-son contest of home improvement skills)nominations for "best Dad" with the prize being a basket filled with certificates/products from local…See More
23 hours ago
Rebecca Schwartz updated an event

Mother's Day at Worldwide

May 10, 2015 all day
Sunday, May 10, is Mother's Day. Offer ad packages to spas and beauty parlors, clothing and jewelry stores, cosmetics and fragrance boutiques, candy and flower shops, restaurants, and more . . . this can be a fantastic boost to their May sales!To listen to a Mother's Day demo that you can tag and sell, click here.See More
23 hours ago
Rebecca Schwartz updated an event

Here's Looking at You: Eye Health Tips at USA

February 2, 2015 to March 16, 2015
Here’s the perfect opportunity to get your local optometrists and vision centers on the air (or increase their current schedules)! Here's Looking at You: Eye Health TipsEach of these ten features includes a short open and a tip (approximately :25 seconds).  All you have to do is insert your sponsor's :30-second commercial in between, and you have an engaging, self-contained :60-second feature. The series covers a range of…See More
23 hours ago
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23 hours ago
Rebecca Schwartz updated an event

National Garden Month at USA

April 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015
April is National Garden Month! Please the gardening enthusiasts in your audience by offering tips and tricks for successful home gardening projects.This is a great sponsorship opportunity for nurseries and landscaping businesses, home and garden centers, irrigation/sprinkler system providers, etc.Check out this series of :30-second gardening tips that…See More
23 hours ago
Ryan Murphy posted a discussion

And The Best Time To Cold Call Is....

I found this a few months ago and we have been testing it at Murphy Broadcasting (5 station group) and guess what it works!See More
Jingle Jim Reilly posted a discussion

Things You Need To Know This Week

Radio Sales Cafe Members,This Week's Sales Tip: I'm always searching for marketing trends and I found one you can easily sell to a new client.     Things You Need To Know This Week are popping up all over. CNN, USA Today and Fox News all run Monday features with a Things You Need To Know This Week concept. They are interesting, engaging and I always seem to stop in my tracks when they promo Things You Need To Know This Week.You can sell this concept to any client in your market ... Heavy…See More
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Damon Collins replied to Woody Woodward's discussion 'Per Inquiry Advertising.'
"Make sure the cost per lead is worth the run, and make sure the PI fits the market/station. I've seen PI's that work great, and others that don't because: #1 everyone is running the same spots in the market. #2 The offer is poor."
Alex Mann replied to Alex Mann's discussion 'Warm up/seed letters'
"Randy, Not really. I've found that having quantity just as much as quality in your daily prospecting efforts is key. If you're going to reach out to 15-20 businesses, that's a heck of a lot of seed letters. And you shouldn't…"
Randy Watson posted a discussion

Artist Royalties

Hi,Does anyone know of a service or available current database that we can match our playlist to find out which music royalty agency a song and artist is associated with?I'd really like to categorize our entire library with the correct PRO and not have to manually search every song title at the respective PRO's website repertoire. (All of their websites are painfully slow and require a lot of manual effort and even some guessing.) They don't make it easy. There has to be a better way.See More

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