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New to the forum.  I am sure this has been asked a bunch...what CRM software do you personally enjoy?

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Hello, Jon, and welcome to the Cafe!

I ran a quick search and found that we've had a few discussions that touch on CRM software: 

CRM's and How You Use Them

Account List Management

Friday Poll: Your Account List

CRM Program/Software

Personally, while I'm not sure that they'd technically be considered CRM software, I use Microsoft Outlook and Access to manage my accounts, both customers and prospects.

Hope this helps!

~ Rebecca

Thank You Rebecca for kindly responding and providing this valuable information.
My pleasure, Jon!  Like you say, it's a subject that comes up often, so I'm sure others will find it helpful to have the links in one place.  Thanks for starting the discussion thread!
RAB has a great account manager that our station uses.  It's web-based and has been great for us over the past six months. 

We are currently using RAB and personally, I find it redundant because it doesn't interface with our traffic system.

Hi Jon

On this side of the Atlantic, we took vTiger and modified it for radio sales.


Central Radio

If anyone is currently looking for CRM software, they may want to check out this review by Gary S. Hart, at


Landslide Review: The CRM/SFA for Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and E...

Check out influence FM.


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