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Any ideas for Valentine Day promotions?

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I was hoping someone would ask this.

We've been doing something the past few years that kind of fizzled out.
I am always looking for something new to that's why I posted this. Here's a couple of ideas for you that we have done in the past.

Rent the movie theater for the night and give away tickets on the air by 2's.

I posted this one on the Jewelry idea... give away a diamond hidden in a cinnamon roll. This one is fun!..
"Great Diamond & Ice Melt-Down“ Valentine’s Day Promotion
Listeners qualify by registering at sponsor locations then listening to hear their name on-air to be a finalist at the "Great Diamond & Ice Melt-Down.” As qualifiers arrive to the finals event, they receive a clear plastic cup with a CZ or a real diamond frozen in the ice. The water levels in the cups are at different levels so they melt at different intervals.  When the ice melts, finalists take their stone to the prize table. The jeweler views the stone with his loop and checks to see if they have the real loose diamond. There are numbers on the bottom of the cups that match even more prizes from our co-sponsors do each of the 40 or so finalists win a prize.. Jeweler also gave all finalists a jewelry cleaning kit and a discount offer on mountings.  
What a neat promotion!
There are various levels of ice - so some melt quicker. We were at a restaurant - so a few ordered a cup of coffee and poured on it to speed it up. Others rubbed the cup between their hands. People ate dinner. etc... We had a nice flow of people going up to the main table to get their gems checked.
The benefit of having several sponsors? Each sponsor puts in 5 $20 prizes so everyone wins something.
Good luck!
Thanks this was a great idea I used it to pitch to a client with a few adjustments and Im thinking it will be a huge success. I sold the idea to just one jeweler instead of many sponsors since we already have a Valentines promotion ont he street. Thanks again
Sure. Good luck!
LOVE this idea - thanks so much for sharing.
We are actually going to do a Billboard Proposal...We are working with a local sign company and we will make this a yearly promotion. We plan to help someone propose in a 'BIG' way! With this...we'll tell people about this promotion that we are doing and how we will market it - because this we are a new station, we know that this promotion (if done right) will drive listeners to our station...from the competitor. The proposal will happen on the morning show the Friday before Valentine's day (because it falls on a Sunday this year). On the days leading up to V-Day, we will be offering businesses the opportunity to purchase spots, with the proposal package, as well as give away a prize on air. We will take submissions from husbands, wives, moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. and reading them on air - asking for people's nominations as to why their spouse/boyfriend, etc. is such a great person! These are great to hear on air...melts the heart and we had some kids last year call in for their mothers and fathers which was awesome! It was great for us and generated extra revenue and allowed businesses to promote what they have going on and be part of something big!
We have a Valentine drop off at a local grocery store for "Cards for Kids at Heart", paid for by the drop off locations. Then they are gathered up and taken to the area Senior Care facilities to be shared with all by a local ministry - Dessert Ministry. It's a great 'feel good' with thousands of valentines delivered!
Our station is sports/talk, so we're doing an online gift guide to help guys get great gifts for their ladies. New idea featured every Monday thru Thursday with a email summary sent to our database each Friday. Four week promotion, 16 featured item days. Each individual day is sold to a sponsoring company and they suggest a suitable gift idea for our audience to get their significant other. Category exclusivity can be had by purchasing a minimum of two feature days.
I like!


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