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July 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Is your Sales Organisation on the Road to Abiline?

Is your Sales Organisation on the Road to Abilene?


My favourite management book is called the “Road to Abilene” by Jerry B. Harvey) it leads off with his story about his family, in Texas in 104 degree heat, with the wind blowing fined grain topsoil through their house.

They are all sitting on the back porch of the house, fan blowing which made the temperature and conditions a little more bearable, with lemonade in hand, playing…


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The "Power" of PowerPoint..........?

Following on from a series of sonic presentations and talks on different forums and platforms, I thought I'd comment about presenting.........specifically with powerpoint. Have you ever noticed how some people hang up their personality on a virtual coat-peg, the minute they take centre stage - to present. Their "presentation" consists of reading statistics off endless slides, often augmented by actually looking at the slides, standing halfway-on to the audience. Being on stage…


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Does free have a dark side?


Is giving away something for free have a dark side?

In Dan Kennedy and Jason Marrs’s latest book on NO BS Price Strategy they say that it has, and if you get too much into FREE it’s hard to get back valuable customers to your business.

They use an example of the current trend among newspapers companies to charge for content on their website, Rupert Murdoch is one example. The facts are that many media companies when…


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Top Ten Ways Clients Waste Money On Radio Advertising


All of us who sell radio advertising need to be aware of the ways a client can foil our best efforts to help them. Here are the top ten ways clients can cause even a powerful medium like radio to fail. Feel free to print this and show it to clients, should the opportunity arise...



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Hello, I’m John Horton. Looking for a show host to do more than just fill in the gaps? Let me help. I am looking for an on-air position. I am passionate about Radio, can bring ideas to the table, love working on imaging and production, and want to be a part of the team. Not be apart from the team.


    My philosophy is simple: “Actions speak louder than words + Do what I say I’m going to do = Kicking the butt of those in the way.” I have next to no ego, competitive,…


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Send your Client a Door

Send your client a door

How do you get clients that has said no to you a hundred times, but you just know that if I could just get his or her attention they would buy off you, what do you do, what is the one thing that might set you apart, try this- send them a door…

The key to this idea was research, I was working on a radio station as a Sales Director and we were trying to get a local real-estate company to advertise with us.

We tried everything, phone calls,…


Added by Mike Brunel on July 17, 2011 at 10:01pm — 7 Comments

What Walter Says

What Walter Says

I am a huge fan of the New Yorker magazine, I look forward to receiving it all the way from New York every week, it travels about 10,000 miles into my letterbox, waiting for me to open it, and discover all the different articles, from politics, finance, and human behavior.

The reason I like this magazine so much is that it often discusses topics about sales, not directly but in often subtle ways. As a sales person it is often helpful to collect…


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