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The Value is in the Inside


In January of this year, Century Management's ( founder and chairman, Arnold Van Den Berg, told the following story at his annual client review. This is quoted from the April 30 issue of Outstanding Investor Digest:

"One time at an auction, the U.S. government was auctioning off pilots' emergency kits - the kind that pilots use when they get shot down overseas. And people were just…


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What a 6 year old can teach you about sales

What a 6 year old can teach you about sales

“Dad can I go to Emma’s please?”  Ask your mother, I reply, “Dad when I go and ask mummy can I tell her your answer is yes… The art of selling and asking for the order starts at an early age…. That was the question posed by my 6 year old daughter this holiday weekend.

It got me thinking that our kids can teach us a lot about asking for the order and overcoming those sales objections.

When it gets to adults asking for the order…


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The National Lentil Festival Puts Pullman, WA in the Limelight

Every city in America has something to celebrate.  Here in Pullman, WA, it's lentils.

Lens culinaris. Latin for "edible lens" (or "tasty lens" perhaps?). It's a member of the legume or pulse family (beans, peas, garbanzos), prized for its flavor and health benefits. And it just…


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Radio (Still) Gets Results

Radio (Still) Gets Results - an Audio Presentation

The fact that I retrieved this presentation from a cassette tape tells you something about how long ago I put it together. (Hint: it was before we recorded onto flash memory cards, before we emailed MP3's, even before we burned…

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Are you writing thank you notes?

How to write a good thank you note

It’s seems like a tough old market out there at the moment, in fact everywhere you go, they are telling us that advertising is down, it may never recover to what it used to be like, businesses are closing , and advertisers have stopped advertising. With all this doom and gloom talk going on, we may as well all pack up and leave, or get back to some basics .

One of the biggest mistakes I see time and time again is that fact that many…


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Is Positive Thinking Negative

Is Positive Thinking Negative

I am not a great fan of the law of attraction books currently circulating at the moment.

The theory is that if you “think real hard” then everything will come to you

I would have to disagree... You can’t sit in a darkened room, by yourself and think positive and eureka... the world and everything you want will open to you... it’s just not going to work.

In sales if you did that, then you might well be in…


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Radio-Mercury Musings

Each year since 2004 I've retained copies of my best radio work from the previous year, with a view toward entering them in radio's premiere creative competition, The Radio-Mercury Awards.

My 2010-11 folder contains some 15 commercials from which I'd hoped to cull one or two entries.  I think they're good spots; more importantly, so did the advertisers that paid for…


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The Client Whose Copy Never Changes

Consistency is a great virtue in advertising, all other factors being equal. 

Most of my advertising clients have annual contracts that call for being on the air every day. This degree of exposure usually requires regular changes of copy, to maintain a healthy balance between repetition and freshness. 

But I have one client, a mom-and-pop…


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YOU Dont Make These Mistake's, Do U?

NOTE: I originally wrote this piece for an audience of business professionals. Those of us who work in radio often think we have special dispensation to eschew the rules of English, since listeners don't see the commercial or news story scripts from which we read; they only hear what comes out of the speaker.  Still, for those of us in sales who correspond with advertisers (via email, proposals, sales one-sheets, perhaps even newsletters or blogs), there's something to be said…


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Salesman Balls

Have you ever been in a meeting where, due to the pressure of the call, the Sales Exec has said something that’s had you bite through your pencil trying not to laugh? Here are some examples of genuine things Sales Execs have said in meetings, or to creatives …. mostly in the UK but some from Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to Paul Borny for reminding me of them… and keeping the file… and to Tim Craig who collected many of them… and to the salespeople I love working with but sometimes trip…


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