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November 2011 Blog Posts (7)

£25 and a Dream (part 3 )



Here is the final post  on the final two personal and business messages from the book “Only Two Seats Left”


If you have not read the previous posts then go back and have a read, I think you will find them interesting.


Here are two more tips. There are a total of 25 in the book.


1.       Have a simple written business plan with…


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For anyone learning the ropes in radio sales I have just finished a free version of my new ebook...




This gives an intro to the 'longer 30 something' page version so you can decide whether it is worth your while or not.


The ebook is based on almost 30 years in the…


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£25 and a Dream (Part 2)


Last week I talked about the hugely successful travel company Contiki. If you have not read it check it out in my last post.


I promised you some tips and lessons I learnt from this book, hope you like it... another next week.




In his book “Only Two Seats Left” (link) John Anderson the founder lists 25 personal and business messages. These are sprinkled through…


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Two new shows on networks

Hi all:


I need some assistance, please, and wanted to see if anyone had any potential candidates.  I have two networks signing up to carry two ones-of-a-kind short-form (one and two minute) shows of mine.  I have hosted and produced a number of syndicated features since 1980, representing major sponsors. 

Now, I am looking for a sales pro who can secure a sponsor for each program and this will include banner advertising on our new website.  Obviously, I will provide…


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£25 and a Dream

 I happened to be digging through some old blob posts on my website and came across this story about Contiki. For my American readers Contiki is a tour company for anyone under 35. It does operate in the US but mainly in the United Kingdom, Europe. It was started by a New Zealander (like me)  in the United Kingdom on 25 pound, hence the title. 


" Every year down…


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Tired of Cold calling?



No one likes to cold call, many of us have had to cold call over the years, I know that once I established a client list and some regular business I was less keen to go out and cold call.


But as salespeople we have an obligation to ask clients if they have an interest in our media.


Cold calling can be scary everybody knows that, when you have a new client list and you have  never met them, then often cold calling is the only…


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Could Five Little Words sell a Million Gallons of Gasoline?

When I first started in sales, I was trained by the Cadbury Confectionery Company. This company sold chocolate, yip chocolate...  but they had some of the best training programs any sales person would want. Even today looking back some 25 years later, the training, compared to what is on offer today, would stack up with the best.

My First Real Job

My job was to sell confectionery and stationery to newsagents and stationers in Sydney Australia. I would…


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