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I never thought I would have such high levels of buy-in for an age-old problem with sales persons during Christmas/New Year week.

I have tried for 45 years to make the time between Christmas and New Years more productive. I’ve tried training, mandatory time off, etc. Not much luck.

Here is my solution: Between now and December 1st, every additional hour of calling in the Teleprospecting system, outside of our normal 3p - 5p Wednesday call outs, will earn you 1/2 hour vacation time to be used between December 23rd and January 2nd. The calls must be made in the Telemarketing system and must be measured in minimum 1-hour intervals. Meaning if you start calling Tuesday at 1 pm the calls need to go until 2 pm. We will allow up to 3 hrs additional call-outs per week to earn additional vacation time. Calls per hour must meet a minimum of 21 dial outs and result in at least one Closing Meeting scheduled per hour. The additional callouts can score those of you without vacation time 2 days in the bank for the holidays or an additional 2 days for those who are short or that already have vacation already on the books. Additional hours calling must be reported to Human Resources and the general manager for verification purposes and logging.