Don't believe rumors about the decline in radio listenership

  • I just sent this email to my co-workers:


    I had a smart-aleck client leave me a voice mail about wanting to plan for his annual event. 


    “I need to get things get the discussion started and obviously since radio has deteriorated in terms of market share. Once again this year will hopefully see that reflected and discounted pricing.”



    He is wrong.  The attachment shows Fort Wayne Radio Listenership is increasing.  This is the 12+ weekly cume for all stations going back in time as far as our program allows, Spring 2013 compared to Fall 2018.


    95.5% of Metro Fort Wayne listens to a local radio station every week.


    When I meet with him next week, I’m raising his prices.


    This client is a promoter who puts on a 4 day, Blues, Brews, and BBQ Ribfest every year in June.  He always asks for the moon and I have worked with him for years.  I even kept his price the same the last couple of years.   But not in 2019.