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  • Happy New Year all!

    A program series I developed of :30 second vignetes (PSA like spots) with a sponsor tag has met with an odd reaction.

    Police and Fire Chiefs whos personnel deserve some recognition now and then seem to hesitate and shy away from looking this gift horse in the mouth! It is baffling why they would not want FREE, POSITIVE publicity 24/7 all year long. Potential advertisers also in the "protection" business have totally ignored even an invitation to learn about rubbing elbows with those that protect their very live and those of employees as well as property.

    Has anyone experienced the same?

    I've begun to call this practice "hi-tech abuse" since the very people who can make a change are  using hi tech to avoid communication. I am referring to non responce to voice mail, email, and even a call back once a phone conversation was initiated. It's mind boggling. By advertisers in the protection business I refer to companies like GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Allstate. Of course we have to be careful not to air Dunkin' Donuts spots with police good news vignettes. A local sheriff reminded me about the connotation about cops being at donut shops when you need one. Haha. I never heard that before. However my wife and several friends have.

    Any ideas? I mean FREE PUBLICITY for the fire and police departments, US Border Patrol, etc. We have one fire dept who is with us, yet the police chief declined the offer. Let's face it ,we can get a lot of the good info off the wires. The bad stuff is aired all the time. However I want to enlist the aide of the PDs and FDs and others so that we can show sponsors that alot of there public safety forces are with us and that the stories to be broadcast are coming from a reliable source. In addition, when the info comes direct, there is less of a chance for errors like typos. Say a man had 4 children in the story, and it shows 14..Oh oh. 

    I await some ideas.


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  • Jack Walker If yor news team has a good relationship with these folks, it's probably a good time to leverage that relationship. If you don't have a good relationship, there's the problem.
    While it would be nice to have the backing of the fire and police chiefs does...  more