started high school sports broadcasts!

  • Hi All!


    As my wife and I work on putting WRDN-AM back on air(yes we got the old call letters back!) we decided to at least start broadcasting the Durand Football games at our website at  We are using the service from all in one broadcasting and they only charge us $15 per game..we also save the game broadcasts and then send it to them so people can listen at later date.  I use my Verizone Air Card to send right from game to all in one broadcasting...and it works AWESOME!   I use my old laptop with the Arrakis digilink program and can run commercials, opens/closes..etc.


    My wires first foray into sales has gone pretty well.  She sold 14 sponsors!  Maybe I should just have her do sales!


    Take a listen if you get the chance...we start at about 6:50pm on Friday nights.