£25 and a Dream (Part 2)


    Last week I talked about the hugely successful travel company Contiki. If you have not read it check it out in my last post.


    I promised you some tips and lessons I learnt from this book, hope you like it... another next week.




    In his book “Only Two Seats Left” (link) www.onlytwoseatsleft.com John Anderson the founder lists 25 personal and business messages. These are sprinkled through the book.


    I have picked out two in this post and a couple in my next post to illustrate the need for something to think about as 2011 ends and 2012 is just around the corner.


    1.      Do not research an idea to death – often go with the gut feel.

    This is one of the common mistakes many media sales company make, they analyse until they are paralysed.

    The truth is that they are paralysed with fear, and are afraid to “just do it” as Nike would say.

    If there are ideas out there that you have wanted to try then make a promise that you will try. It might be just calling on the opposition’s biggest client.


    2.       Specialise & be the best in the market.


    You can’t be all things to everyone.  Direct media sales people in this recession economy have to find a new way  of doing business  you now need a good story; you need a reason to be in your market, with your opposition, that sets you apart from that opposition.


    The reality is the economy is getting cleaned out- it was badly needed, and its happening, the worst employees, the worst salespeople and the worst mangers are moving on. If you are in the spots and discount business then fine, dominate it- but it however can begin with you, the direct media sales person, but you have to begin to think like a product.



    Good selling

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