Want new customers?

  • We all know that getting new customers is the lifeblood of any radio sales person. Servicing your current clients is also the lifeblood, so how do you balance the two.

    The one mistake that many sales people make in our business is that they work really hard to get clients, and then once they have them, they stop.  The real problem is that they have trouble managing their time effectively.

    It’s only natural; you have managed to work with  a group of clients, they now invest with you on a regular basis, and things seem to be going well... then one day your largest client calls you and says

    “Sorry but we want to shift some of our advertising to another media company”

     This can have a devastating effect on your sales. Here are  two tips  that might help your prospecting for some new clients, and teach you about time management.

    • 50% of your time should be on working directly with your active clients
    • 25% of your time should be prospecting new clients
    • 25% of your time should be administration, self education, and self promotion

    The second tip is tracking your time:

    Are you actually tracking your time, where are you spending the most time? Are you combining prospecting with self promotion?

    The best way to get new customers

    Ask your favourite clients to endorse you, they will if you provide them with a letter/ template they can send to other friends in their group.

    Write the letter yourself... run it past your client and ask her, who you can send it too on her group and networks.

    If you have done a great job, your clients will be happy to endorse you.

    If you would like a simple template to use to get good testimonials  email me at www.talkingmediasales.com and I will send you one FREE.