Double SIx A promotion for Christmas

  • I have a coffee shop that lets you throw a dice to see if you get a FREE coffee.

    I think that is pretty cool.

    The deal is, you order your coffee, they then hand you two dice. If you throw a double six you get the coffee FREE.

    So what do you think the odds are? Is that better than a coffee card. I think it might be.

    A simple little gesture has the coffee goers buzzing and coming back for more. My friend threw a winner yesterday, and guess what? She did it again today.

    It got me thinking, why  don’t try it with your advertisers. Design a campaign and go to the market with the same deal as the coffee shop, throw two sixes and you get the campaign for FREE.

    Arrange a deal with management that you still get the sale, or commission. Or sell it between Boxing day 26th December and January 1st.

    It might just get you some extra sales and you might be perceived to be doing something a little different this Christmas.

     Or give the idea to your local cafe...

    Good selling


  • Chris Capitelli
    Chris Capitelli I like it But, We are a Christian Radio Network... Gambling ma not go over well!! LOL!!
    December 9, 2011
  • Mike Marshall
    Mike Marshall We did something similar to the roll the dice promotion at our stations years ago. Client got to x-number of FREE spots (needed to agree to a minimum required schedule first). Clients rolling doubles got double-the-double (example, roll 4 + 4, get 8 + 8 FREE spots).  I'm sure it brought in some business for us. 
    December 9, 2011
  • Darrell Picou
    Darrell Picou In Louisiana this would be considered a lottery and would be illegal.  State Police are very strict
    December 9, 2011
  • Mike Brunel
    Mike Brunel Thanks Darrell... not a lot of fun down there in Louisiana... I recall working in Atlanta and wanting to give advertisers a chance to win a car... I went through the same thing...  no fun there either... 
    Mike- nice twist on the idea... 
    Chris... love it... 
    December 10, 2011