I want to think it over- A simple technique to overcome this common objection

  • How many times have you heard this objection? I am going to show you a simple technique that will help you overcome the frustration on what to say when you hear this and if you apply this procedure your sale will not stall and you will get to the real issue that your advertiser may have with you or your radio station.

    Here are a few interesting facts about this particular answer from many advertisers, it’s very common, in most sales situations this occurs in some cases nine out of ten times, and here is why. The decision maker is not present at the presentation, or this is a business you are presenting a proposal to, that needs additional approval from someone else.

    Here are the first steps you need to undertake to get you through the “I want to think it over “objection and get the sale moving forward.

    1.)    Make sure you have the decision maker present when you present your solution.

    2.)     State at the beginning of the presentation that ‘if the client feels this proposal suits the solution they have posed to you in one of the initial interviews then you would like to arrange to get your proposal moving in the next week.”

    3.)    If one of the decision makers is not at the presentation reach agreement that “If the person (who you are presenting the proposal to) was the only decision maker would they purchase?"  If there answer is yes then do this: Ask them to tell you the ways in which this solution would help their business.

     I will say that again; ask them to tell you the ways in which this solution would help their business. This one key tip will be the information they take back to the other decision maker. I promise you. Why: They are telling you, not the other way round. It's helps them crystallise their understanding of your offer in their OWN words and  what the benefits are to them.

    RIGHT NOW: It’s time to put this into practice. Write down this objection and use this simple checklist above and see yourself handing this objection. Work out all the benefits of the solution, so if your advertiser does have to talk to someone else they have the “benefits” clear in their head.


    Good selling