How to Attract New Cutomers Without Spending Any More Money

  • With the cost of acquiring new customers mounting, many radio stations' customer bases are shrinking due to lost confidence of advertisers and consumers alike.

    Referrals are often one way to get your additional advertising sales without too much additional work.

    If you learn these three simple referrals systems you’ll avoid the disappointment of cold calling, call reluctance, one time sales and much more.

    You will also improve your call rate and closure rate like never before.

    There are three types of referrals systems or general rules you need to understand when thinking about referrals.

    1: Direct Referrals

    2. Direct Endorsement

    3: Implied Endorsement /Referral

    I am going to discuss direct referrals which are also the most common. A direct referral is a request to your advertiser to direct you to a potential client who they know that may also like your services.  It’s an endorsement, a reference from a client to another friend or business. 

    Most direct media sales people understand this one- many use it spasmodically and often by chance. Here are 3 action steps to get a direct referral that will increase your call rate and closure rate very quickly.

    1)      Choose your top 10 advertisers you want to target. Who are you going to ask for a referral?

    2)      Set a time every day to go and ask those clients

    3)      Do this for your top 10 advertisers over a 30 day period. This will set a habit in place that will most certainly benefit you for the long term. 

    It’s time to ACT: Here is what to do right now to get an immediate result. Call two clients and let them know that you will be coming to see them for a referral.  Mentally visualise then giving you that referral. Write the goal in your diary or on your weekly planner.

    Remind yourself everyday that your goal to more sales and easier closing rates are referrals.

    Good selling

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  • Tom Collins
    Tom Collins Good information!  Nothing better than one advertiser (client) telling another that "it works".
    January 20, 2012