100 Tips on being a Better Sales Manager

  • I was given this by my first consultant when I had just accepted a Sales Directors job on a large radio station. Not sure where it came from, if you know I  would love to know...

    I will post the first 60 over the next few weeks keep an eye out for them.

    If you want the rest see details see below.

    1. Get your invoices sent out at the end of each flight, campaign or promotion.
    2. Review collectibles every month.
    3. Attend all local advertising functions as a staff member.
    4. Don't pick up the tab.
    5. Learn how vendor money works-now.
    6. Cut contra or trade in half.
    7. Learn industry rules and regulations regarding contests.
    8. Invite your boss to sales meetings once a month.
    9. Go to lunch once a month with the boss.
    10. Don’t pick up the tab.
    11. Sell without ratings to retailers.
    12. Price your inventory correctly
    13. Manage your inventory correctly.
    14. Never make your boss wait.
    15. Learn word processing, e-mail, and social media.
    16. Read the Wall Street Journal every morning. Or other appropriate business publication.
    17. Scan the business section of the newspaper for new business.
    18. Make your staff monitor other media; do not use a service.
    19. Get money for your staff at sales promotions.
    20. Raise the rates 10% across-the-board now. It works!

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  • Darren Matassa
    Darren Matassa and number 21.... never expect an account executive to close something that you yourself could not do. You must know how to sell exceptionally well in order to lead a sales team.... manage by example, share your knowledge...empower them... and always pick up the tab of you are out with your sales team!!! Never stop training yourself...take courses... professional writing skills for business.. ect. Become a great presenter/ public speaker.... and ask your sales team to be that as well.
    February 10, 2012
  • Mike Brunel
    Mike Brunel Darren... thanks for the comment. A few more to come keep an eye out for them.
    Hope sales are going well
    February 13, 2012