100 Tips on being a Better Sales Manager

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    1. Assign political advertising to one person.
    2. Get rid of the negative force on your staff.
    3. Start selling sports the day the season is over.
    4. Stop hanging out with the jocks or other media personalities.
    5. Turnover Unclosed accounts every 90 days.
    6. Talk to your fellow sales managers in the market once a month.
    7. Badmouth competitors rather than your own medium.
    8. Learn how other media works.
    9. Offer free commercials for mistakes in other media.
    10. Make sure your sales promotions are videotaped.
    11. Ask your boss to be part of the budget meetings.
    12. Pay higher commission for new business.
    13. Never badmouth your boss or company to anyone.
    14.  Never badmouth a sales person in your team to anyone.
    15. Send overdue accounts 90 days and above to collection agencies ASAP.
    16. Get a copy of the commercial log each day.
    17. Get an order bell for the sales office.
    18. Always get excited about an order.
    19. Always get upset about a cancellation.
    20. Make ‘budget’ making an event every month.

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