100 Tips on being a Better Sales Manager

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    1.  Always come to work as early as you want your staff to be in.
    2. Dress the way you want your staff to dress.
    3. Handle your problems on a one-to-one basis.
    4. Always show your boss respect in front of your sales staff.
    5. Never hire a friend.
    6. Never hire a friend of a friend.
    7. Spend a little time each day with individual staff members.
    8. Teach them what you do right.
    9. Admit your errors as quickly as you want others to admit theirs.
    10. Go on at least one sales call with each sales person each week.
    11. Always collect cash in advance from clubs and restaurants.
    12. Never tell your staff you are sold-out.
    13. Don't try to teach co-op to your number one biller.
    14. Never assign a rookie to a major advertising agency.
    15. Never get drunk with your staff.
    16. Never get drunk with your boss.
    17. Never get drunk.
    18. If you blow up, apologize immediately upon calming down.
    19. Go for a walk around the block before you blow up.
    20. Never let programming organize a sales promotion.

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