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7 Tips to help your Advertisers sell more products.

  • Many small to medium advertisers need some help to promote products on radio.As a direct media salesperson here are 7 tips to help your advertiser be more effective when they go to promote their products or services.

    1. Product presentation: Is the presentation and packaging of the offer or product suit the consumer buying preferences,
    2. Location of offer or Product: Is the offer easily found in store, many times clients will promote an offer, only to put it in an awkward place to see. Is it on a high shelf? Is it at eye level, can you see it from the window.
    3. Point of sales Presentation: Does it make an offer? Is it inviting the customers to buy or sample? Is it neat and well laid out? Are their shelf talkers or aisle banners?  Is there a window or counter display?
    4. Budget: Is it sufficient to promote and advertise properly? Is it being spent the right way? Is it a proper percentage of mark-up or turnover?
    5. Seasonal: Is it a summer or winter product? Are there certain times of the year that this product or service is used more. Will school holidays or special events affect the promotion?
    6. Timing:  Should this product be advertised early or late in the week? Are the market conditions right? Will economic factors affect a purchase? Is it a weekend promotion?
    7. Media Placement:  Is reach or frequency more important? Should it be in certain sections of your paper, or departs on your radio station, or programmes on your TV stations? . Does it reach the right audience?

    When you use this checklist with your clients, they will see you as part of the team. There is nothing more annoying to a client if a sales person is just trying to sell them advertising space. What they are looking for is for you to assist in solving their problem. They are also looking for more, and with these checklists you can add more value to you clients.