How do you get your client attention?

  • Here is a famous story about an American tourist who visited a camel market in Marrakesh.

    He was so taken by the strength and appearance of these beasts that he decided to buy one. The camel dealer went to great lengths to explain to the tourist how important and how necessary it was to treat the camel with gentleness, to speak softly in the animal’s presence, and be considerate of the animal’s gentle disposition.

    After the sale was made and the money passed hands, the American tourist used all his gentle powers of persuasion to get the animal to his feet, but nothing seemed to work. The camel refused to budge from his comfortable resting position.

    Finally the tourist went to the dealer and complained that he could not get the camel to his feet. Whereupon, the camel dealer took two bricks, one in each hand, approached the animal from the rear, winked at the tourist and said, "Watch”. The dealer took the bricks and smashed them together onto the unsuspecting camel's most delicate parts. This not only brought the camel to his feet but also brought squeals of anguish from the poor animal.

    "Oh my God!" said the American tourist "doesn't that hurt?"

    "Not so long as you keep your thumbs out of the way"

    The American tourist, horrified by this crass treatment said, "But you told me to treat him gently"

    “Ah yes", came the reply, "but first you must get his attention.

    Next week I am going to drop a story on this blog  about Soap and Toast about how one of my ex-employees drums up new business and it works, why? because it get attention from her clients, it cuts through and stands her out , she even has clients ringing her, wanting to know all about her.

    See you soon keep an eye out for it.

    Good selling

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