Soap or Toast...

  • Last week I posted a story about a camel and how to get your client's attention.

    Here is a live example, corny as it might seem these ideas still work.

    My friend Hayley is an awesome salesperson. She worked for me for many years at NRS Media travelling the world and helping media sales people where ever she went. She is now the mum of two beautiful children and is settled back in Auckland, New Zealand.

    She does consultancy work for companies on a part time basis, and has just come out of a contract and is back on the client acquisition trail.

    Nothing fazes Hayley, I was recently doing a key note talk in Auckland and I finished my talk and had a few hours to kill before hopping on a plane home to where I live.

    So I called Hayley on the off chance she would be home, yes she was, having a rest between clients I suspect. After catching up on  her news, I said how is business?

    Well silly question, “Oh yes going well, I sent out some soap and toast and got a few replies.”

    "Soap and toast" I said. Oh yes I targeted some clients with a cake of soap and a letter, great hit rate, got one CEO on the phone very quickly. What did you say in the letter, Oh easy, “You do not know me from a bar of soap but I think I could help your business...

    The toast one is a classic, you will have to email me for that one.

    You might raise your eyebrows at  this, these do work and cut through and get appointemnts.

    Be different, and stand out.

    Good selling.

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