So, what do you do for a job then?

  • I am often asked ‘what do you do for a job?’  My mother is one of those that usually asks, I think she thinks I operate a waste management business and my real name is Tony. I have kept telling her I am in media sales. “Yes dear, that’s good”

    Anyway, recently I decided to test my theory and see what other media sales people did for a job before they got into this mad business.  

     I posted this on a few of my Linked discussion groups:

    “I was asked at a presentation recently. What was your first paid job?  My reply, a rouse about (SHEARING HAND) in a shearing shed, picking up fleeces off the floor. packing away the wool ,a general dog body sort of answer.  I'm interested what was yours? How diverse are we all in media? and especially radio."

     Well, guess what?  I ended up getting an amazing response; here are a few I picked out, I shortened a couple, combined one or two, but you will get the gist.

    1. First paid job was cleaning fish tanks in offices & hospitality venues. (Among other locations, once a week, I cleaned the fish tank at a strippers club called The Firehouse which was popular at the time. At 18, it was the best job ever).
    2. I made the best (tartare sauce & cheese always precisely centred) fillet-o-fishes, fries and chocolate thick shakes at McDonalds. Penal rates still existed so $10 per hour for a few hours each weekend was good going for a 15 year old.
    3. Great question Mike. Weirdly; shifting flour on Birkenhead docks. (Stevedore? Longshoreman? What do you call them?
    4. Selling a local hospital newsletter door-to-door. I was only 14 at the time and was paid on commission. Just remember my Father following me around in his car to make sure I was OK.
    5. Selling eggs on a stall in Portobello Market (London my parents owned the deli behind it). Made me the man I am today
    6. My first job was when I joined the army, a long long time ago. After that, cold calling seemed like a walk in the park!

    In total I got over 60 responses, and they were amazing, I wish I could list them all here; we are certainly a diverse bunch of people aren’t we but isn’t that what makes a great sales person, full of life’s experience, trials and tribulations. Working at the coal face of life and trying to discover what we are good at.

    Why don't you share with our readers here at Radio Sales Cafe some of your first jobs?

    Good selling