Become a Undercover Boss

  • I  have to admit that I'm also quite addicted to this TV series. I have watched both the UK and the US series.

    For those that are not aware of the show, it is about a newly appointed or unknown CEO of a major company who goes undercover. He is disguised as an out of work person trying different jobs to see if he thinks it is for him.  A camera crew follows him around and the boss discovers lots about his/ her company that they may not have been able to do if they just turned up and asked a few questions.

    The program is quite revealing, to the point where once the boss has completed his mini apprenticeship, the staff he worked with are invited to head office, whereupon he uncovers his true identity. This certainly takes people by surprise.  As a result of that undercover work the owner or boss starts to look at his employees in a different way. During his “apprenticeship” he/she learns some valuable information from these employees about the good and not so good bits of the company.

    What could you learn from such an exercise? In retail it’s known as the mystery shopper.  One media company I worked with encouraged this concept with a suggestions box, all suggestions were looked at on a weekly basis. The trick was that the suggestions and ideas were anonymous.

    It got the media company management thinking about what it did each week. It had a theme that staff could contribute to. It really worked and some great ideas were actioned upon.

    Is this something you could offer your staff?


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