In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King

  • I am often asked “what degree or education do you need to be an expert in direct advertising sales. The truth is that I do not have any type of degree in a tertiary form, but could argue that I have a degree in results. Selling million and millions of dollars in direct media sales for the last 20 years may give me a few creditable points and may silence a few. The truth is that I found a profession “direct media sales” that I fell in love with, and from the very first day as a rookie sales person I knew this was the profession for me.

    What I think I learned very quickly was that I better get up to speed quickly on how advertising worked, what made people purchase, why people responded to certain types of advertising, etc etc.

    Even today, I am still reading and learning from the best marketers, attending  courses on new training, new media why? Because I have to!

    So take a few minutes and think about this

    “How can I become an expert”? Because if you do, and you know more about your profession than your competition you might just own the kingdom.


    Good selling

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  • Sherna Thomas
    Sherna Thomas I'm new in Radio sales (1 month) and I KNOW I better get up to speed quickly and all that you mentioned if I want to continue and secure my job. I must say, in spite of  the little I know of radio sale, I do enjoy it so far. Thanks, Mike.
    July 2, 2012