How congested is your market ?

  • A bit of History about the New Zealand market and some thoughts.

    In most New Zealand markets there are now 14 or 15 commercial radio stations, and a large number of community based, student and religious stations too.  In fact there are round 300 commercial stations for a country of fewer than 4 and a half million people, that’s one commercial radio station for every 15,000 of the population

    Radio Advertising commands 18% share vs 6% in USA.


    Before 1990 there were only 4 or 5 stations, even in the largest markets, some smaller cities had only one.  But even then, most ran different formats in an effort to super-serve a specific audience demographic and attract revenue.


    Selling radio is pretty much like selling any other product.  If you have a USP you are more likely to attract loyal and repeat customers - both audience and advertisers.  It stands to reason; if all radio stations in a market have little to differentiate them from one another; the confused listener is likely to be loyal to none of them.

    So what is all the complaining about, I hear continually in my capacity as an owner of a media consultancy company based in the US that things are tough, welcome to my part of the world guys.

    It's always going to be about the relationship you have with the business community, and your clients that win in the end.

    Appreciate  what you have, come and sell advertising in New Zealand. Feel free to pass on your comments. We need success stories and this is a great forum for it.

    Mike Brunel owner of (Owner of NRS Media based in Atlanta, semi retired in New Zealand land of the All Black Rugby team and 80 million sheep) Watch it...

    Good selling