Making problems pay.

  • I was called by one of my private clients last week to set up a meeting in late August.

    I thought after the call had finished, why had they called me? It was not to talk about the weather or family, it was about a problem they had, and they could not solve it themselves.

    The problem with many media sales people and sales people in general is that they don’t think that way; they think they have a problem, that problem, to sell someone some inventory. 

    What does your client want?

    In the case of media sales they want to advertise a special offer or product, but do they really want?

    Shifting their problem

    One answer might just be they have a problem, and they need to shift some inventory. And guess what, they need you to do that.

    They want the advertising to solve their problem.

    If you can talk about what their problems are, then you might be able to get your focus off selling them something, and get them focused on your solution to their problem.

    Case Studies

    One way to do that is create case studies of promotion or ideas that you have created for other clients, make an appointment to talk with your new clients about these successes. Come form it this way:

    Q. Hi Mr Brunel, I was just calling to talk about a program  we have been running with (advertiser in their category) and I would love to show what we did. I am in your area seeing other clients (name them) and wanted to know if I could come and see you and tell you what success stories we had.

    Create simple opening statement like this one, they work miracles.  Then when you are there present a simple 10 minute presentation on your case studies.

    Selling any type of product in this economy is pretty tough right now, but it can be made easier if you learn to make their problems pay.

    Good selling and please pass it on…

    Mike Brunel...