Are you scared to Lose?

  • In a recent interview of a sports coach, he was lamenting the loss of a senior player to another sporting franchise, while appearing upbeat; his body language said a lot more. I noticed something on the white board directly behind him, in the camera line.  Three words.

     “Scared to lose’.

    I wondered why this statement was up there. I think I know why it was there, given the track record of this sporting team, but it got me thinking, how many times are we are scared to lose?

    In the case of a media sales person I think the reason we fail is the language we use unconsciously, that little voice that says “what happens if I do not get this advertiser, or make that call, or close that sale, or sell that prospect for just one more day.”

    Set up better language

    In sport especially, I know that coaches, the great ones, set up their players to succeed not fail.

    I recall a conversation with a coach of a team that trained kickers. He was able to train across all sports either in NFL, soccer, rugby, AFL and rugby league. His process was to set up in a kickers mind, the reward for success not the fear of failure.

    Often when he trained new kickers, he discovered that what went on in their mind was failure.

    “What if I don’t get this kick what will happen? Or if I miss this kick, I am going to let down my team, my team mates, and my family, everyone.” It sets the kicker up to fail.

    Change your internal dialogue

    So, what does this coach do?  He changes the internal language; he says to his rookies, “What’s the reward for getting this kick over? Or in the goal? Or through the goalposts?

    He says to them “ Imagine it going over and you seeing the smile on your teammate’s faces, your family being so proud. Think about the reward for success. What’s the reward for you when this kick goes over?”

    Measure, then Manage

    Then he tracks their stats, how many kicks attempted, how many go over?   how many go in? How we can improve? What technique can we work on?  All questions so he and the kicker can measure themselves.

    Relate to selling media

    It’s the same process that relates to selling media, ask yourself the right questions, build a success process, get a coach, and measure yourself.

    These key ingredients are what make successful sport people and great coaches.

    Why can it not apply to you a media sales person selling radio.

    Good selling