Are you Telling Stories?


       “Why did God invent writers? Because he loves a good story, and he doesn’t give a damn about words.     Words are the curtain we’ve hung between him and our true selves.”*

    In sales, telling stories is one way to give your advertiser’s marketing and sales lessons without appearing if you are selling something.

    Painting a picket fence

    One story I heard recently was about one of my favorite companies Disney. I posted an article about their Fast Pass program last month on where, if you plan your day in Disneyland you can actually avoid most of the queues.

    This story is about painting a picket fence around the Magic castle in Disneyland.

    As a young boy growing up, I recall always seeing the image of the castle at Fantasyland. It was my enduring image of this amazing place.

    Every Sunday after church my Mum and Dad would turn the television on (black and white) and I would sit with my brothers and sisters watching the image of the castle with fireworks exploding in the background. I would then sit back and be entertained by my favorite characters like Micky Mouse and all the other Disney characters.

    On the opening of Disneyland back in 1955, Walt Disney was able to introduce each of his fantastic lands in just a few sentences. 

    My favourite was “Frontierland! Tall tales and true from the legendary past.”

    Customer Service 365 Days a year.

    At Fantasyland there is a picket fence that goes right around this wonderful castle; it has from the very first day it opened. Its sparkling white, not a mark on it, clean and perfectly painted.

    Did you know that they paint that fence every night, 365 days a year, every picket, every night, painted pristine white.

    Every night, even in the most humid of weather, they work out when is the best time to paint it.

    Saving Money

    The CEO of Disneyland was once asked by some bean counters; why not paint if once every two nights, it will save some money and the clients will never know.

    So he decided to bring in the managers for their input. Guess what?  The bean counters left! You see that is what makes the difference. This is why Disney is what it is. It’s magic.

    This story illustrates many things, what do you think it says?

    Feel FREE to comments below.

    Good selling

     *J.R. Moehringer- Tender Bar.