Is your success inside a library card?


    It was a cold winter’s morning in Austin, Texas, when I was dragged along to a key note speech done by Og Manadio, the famous author of the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World.”

     I did not know much about Og but going by the packed audience he must have been famous. Over the next hour I was spell bound, every word he uttered felt like he was talking to me directly, as if he knew all my secrets, and all around me people were in tears, he just had this great ability to touch everyone in the audience with his words.  I was so moved and began, for the first time in my life, to understand the meaning of purpose.

    In the library

    I was reminded about this great speech Og gave so many years ago because today I am in the library, looking after my daughter and her two friends who have asked me to take them there to do a project, they are everywhere in the library searching for information, articles and stories to assist them in their project.

    Power of Reading

    I was taken back in time to what Og had said during that speech all those years ago, he talked about many of his life lessons. What he had experienced as a young man, becoming a husband, father and successful businessman to then becoming a 30 year old bum, his successful life now drowned in alcohol. One day he found himself  leaning up against a pawn shop window deciding if that $30 in his pocket could buy that gun in the window, he could take it back to his miserable hotel room, put the gun to his head and pull the TRIGGER!

    Well it turned out that 30 year old bum did not buy that gun and take his life, he went instead to the library. You see in all our years of education Og reminded us, for most of us the one thing we learnt at school was to read.

    There is a famous quote from Charles Tremendous Jones, that goes something like this;

    “You are the same person in 5 years except for two things, the people you meet, and the books you read” 

    Secrets to Success

    Another one of Og’s gems was that when we’re growing up there was never any discussions or lessons about how to be successful, how to set goals, how to handle adversity, how to come back after a failure. He did maintain that there was one place where you could find the masters, the secrets to success, and that was the library. The masters like W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz, and the modern author’s I know like, Anthony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Tom Hopkins and many more. The great thing about all of these authors is that they are all sitting on the shelf, waiting for you right now, you just have to go and seek them out, and they are FREE.


    Direct Media Sales people. Every media salesperson, or any great sales person for that matter have this resource at their fingertips, and they go and get it.  If you want to learn the great lessons of life and history then seek out the library, it’s free, warm and packed with the secrets of success.

    Good selling.