What leads to Success?

  •  I live in a country that really does not like success too much, probably because it’s often seen as the shiny large watch on your wrist, the big house and nice car. Politicians on the left seem to take great pleasure in making success seem dirty.

    I think they often get it wrong because they actually measure by the trappings and not the real reason behind success.

    In a recent Ted Talk Richard St John summed it up quite well.

    He said after asking lots of successful people what they think made them successful and why, and here is  the list, nothing new, no real secret I am afraid, just common sense. Here they are. 

    ·         Passion- you got to love what you do

    ·         Work- You actually have to work damn hard and when others are sitting in front of a tube watching the latest TV show you are working on the latest idea.

    ·         Focus- This is one of my favourites, what you focus on you get, with action of course. You cannot sit in a dark room, and sing three songs and expect it to come to you.

    ·         Persist- This is about working out what you do believing it and sticking to it. Working through the failures and the C.R.A.P. – Criticism, Rejection, and Assholes. Pressure.

    ·         Ideas- Listen, Be curious, ask lots of questions and make connections.

    ·         Good- do well, reach out and help others, most importantly PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

    ·         Push- Push physically, mentally, but remember PUSH, PUSH, PUSH.

    ·         Serve- serve others, be of assistance to young and old when you can.

    That is my measure put nicely by Richard St John.

    Works for me.


    What do you think makes a successful business owner person?

    Good selling