Recruit Your Direct Media Salespeople Every Day

  • I was reading the latest Bloomberg business publication this week and they quoted Bill Simon, president and CEO Walmart U.S.

    Here is the quote, and his explanation afterwards.

    Just about everyone started out in an entry-level job. I did, and I bet you did. My first job was a dishwasher for $2.10 an hour. It wasn’t a great job, but it was a great first job

    What he was actually doing was defending low-wage retail jobs, no matter what your view is of this company, the principle of what he was saying made a lot sense and certainly resonated with me.

    What was your first job?

    I recall asking that question of one of my LinkedIn  groups, “what was your first job”? what I got was many replies, it was one of the best reactions to a question from any of my groups.

    Everything from a paper boy, to a lemonade stand owner.

    There was an overwhelming belief among all the people that replied to that question was that their first job stood them in good stead, it built character.

    Are you recruiting sales people every day?

    The new economy in sales has certainly challenged many veterans and new sales people alike. What I am interested in now is how are 16+ adults viewing the media landscape?

    What are they thinking, how are they using it? If you are in traditional media, what do you need to know regarding their preferences when they go to use media? What secrets might they have, or knowledge that you could use and add to your own knowledge, what information could you discover so you can pass on   to your advertisers.

    How can you do that?

    Recruit them, just like the dishwasher story; give them some exposure to your medium to discover what that can learn, and what you can learn. If washing dishes helped the CEO of Walmart become what he is today, you might just be helping the next entrepreneur in your town or city. Or more importantly, creating the next media salesperson that you might just hire.

    Good selling