Making Sales Meetings More Effective – Part 1

  • Why is it that so many sales managers feel it’s vitally important to have a one hour sales meeting, in the office first thing on Monday morning? One sales manager told me it’s a way to ensure everyone is at work, while another said “it’s a great way to address team performance issues”. But the worst response of all – “because the meeting has always been held on Monday”!!

    Are you wasting time?

    In my experience more time is wasted on ineffective sales meetings than any part of the sales process. So many times I’ve observed sales people leaving the meeting completely de-motivated, sometimes angry and more often than not wondering why they had to be there. A fine way for them to go into the field!!

    I recently found some research on sales meetings where salespeople were asked this question: “If your sales meetings were optional, would you attend?”

    -       55% said “No, our sales meetings are boring and/or don’t help me make more sales”

    -       18% weren’t sure if their sales meetings helped them sell more or not

    -       27% answered “Yes”

    For sure it’s tough to engage your team week in, week out with an effective sales meeting so here are a few ideas to create impact, interest and get the team involved – after all different is good:


    • Ask a long term client to come along and address the team on why they use your company – what they like, what they dislike, why they see your company as a partner.
    • Alternatively ask a traditional non-user of your company to address the team (a prospect who has resisted all attempts). Maybe they can outline what your competitors do that you can’t (or wont) do.
    • Invite the coach of your local football team to talk (the higher profile the better) – after all he (or she) motivates a professional sports team every week!!
    • Change the venue – maybe to breakfast at McDonalds or at the office of a client (a good opportunity for the client to talk to the team).
    • Hold a debate. The topic needs to be one the team can get their teeth into – “We should lower our rates” or “Online advertising is the most effective”.  Google the rules of debate and involve as many of the team as possible.

    These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about creating productive sales meeting.

    More next week...

    Kindly Supplied by one of our contributors at Stephen Pead.