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Making Sales Meetings More Effective – Part 2

  • Here is the second part to Stephen Pead's Making Sales Meetings More Effective.

    In my last post I talked about why so many sales managers feel it’s vitally important to have a one hour sales meeting.

    And many have a mindset of: It’s a great way to address team performance issues” or “because the meeting has always been held on Monday”!!

    Here are some more ideas to complete what I gave you in my last post.

    • Give the team a pop quiz – the subject could be sales skills, industry knowledge, the competition, your company products etc.
    • Move the meeting time to late Friday afternoon and finish with team drinks.
    • Conduct a brainstorm session. Each team member brings a problem or challenge and the rest of the team have three minutes to come up with ideas. The key is quantity of ideas.
    • Ask the team when/where they’d like the meeting to be held for one week. What they want more of, what they want less of.
    • Hire a mini bus and take the team on a “magical mystery prospecting trip” – over an hour or so visit several locations where everyone identifies potential prospects.
    • Have one or two of the sales team lead and conduct the meeting (maybe one senior and one junior team member). At the end the team provides positive feedback on their performance.

    Many times after the sales meeting another meeting takes place. A meeting the sales manager isn’t invited to.

    It happens in the break room or nearby coffee shop and that’s where the team debrief and discusses what just happened.

    You can ensure this meeting becomes more positive by implementing just a few of these ideas and creating an environment of team involvement.