This advice from the late Steve Jobs may help you become a better radio salesperson?

  • (Steve has since passed, but lessons often come from past heroes of business. )

    Entrepreneur Magazine recently featured an article titled “Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success.”  The article was written by renowned communications coach and former news correspondent Carmine Gallo. It’s quite an inspiring article and gives anyone core advice on how to make an impact, whatever business you are in.

    Let’s apply those Seven Rules of Success to direct media sales.

    When I talk about direct media selling, I am talking about you, the salesperson, on a radio station who talks to advertisers every day in thousands of media companies all over the world.

    1.      Do what you love. If you think that selling to small, medium and large advertisers is not really you, then get out. Unless you have a love for the work and can honestly HELP your advertisers sell more products or promote their business, you really will not last long. Passion is pretty much the key, according to what Steve Jobs said. 

    2.      Put a dent in the universe. Working in media sales can be a lonely job. It needs vision, but most importantly it’s about getting alongside your advertisers and making a difference with them.

    3.      Make connections. Look outside your medium; study other businesses. Surely you can use what some of your advertisers do. Study direct mail and other media. Look at the way the best in your field do their marketing. Team up with others. Join clubs. Make connections with your clients’ connections.

    4.      Say No to 1,000 things. Maybe that should be receive a 1,000 no’s in media sales. What Steve Jobs believed was that you have to figure out what works for you. Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, concentrate on what works. It might be concentrating on one area of your town, or one category.

    5.      Create insanely different things - Be different. In my book “The Desk Closest to the Door,” I talk about just that - sending a door to a client just to get an appointment with him. Be innovative; create a great experience with your advertisers so they do not forget you.

    6.      Master the Message. You can be the number one media in the market, but if you come from that position of your advertisers needing you, you are making a big mistake. Educate, inspire and add real value to your advertiser. Many sales people think it is about them. If your advertiser thinks you are an expert, they will want to work with you.

    Sell dreams, not products.  Sell solutions, not your ratings. Steve Jobs sold us dreams. You can too. There is nothing more important to an advertiser than a result. That is what they are really after. That result might be moving a few items of furniture; it might be getting a promotion to work.

    Their dreams are not that much different from yours.  They want to be able to make more choices, have more freedom, and spend more time with their family.

    Article written by Mike Brunel