Seven Days to be a Better Radio Sales Person

  • Don’t put off your sales goals. A week is all it takes to get serious about improving your sales. Here’s how:

    1. Sunday.

    Set half an hour on Sunday night to plan your week. Establish the six most important things you want to achieve and write them down. That one simple act will do wonders for your sales. Your week is planned and you have some clear goals to achieve. Planning to prospect, make more appointments to see more people, talk about their issues and problems is the best way to get your sales off on a fast track. Action = Results

    1. Monday

    Are you making sure you have your first appointment this morning at 9am- 9.30am? It’s great sometimes to get straight out of the block and get talking to your advertisers first thing. Do that right now.

    1. Tuesday

    When you’re trapped at your desk or even having call reluctance, write five thank you cards to your clients. If you do that first thing, you actually feel great and grateful at the same time. The simple art of thinking about how grateful you are to your clients gets you motivated to go out and get some more. Plan a thank-you day once a week.

    1. Wednesday

    Go to the gym - yes, even if it is once a week, go to the gym and think about nothing else. All of a sudden you might just get that idea that you have been struggling with for an advertiser. The thing about getting “away” is that it distracts you and allows your mind to discover solutions.


    Do four service calls today with one goal in mind:  Testimonials. Just last week with one of my private clients, I got four testimonials and one LinkedIn recommendation, just by sending my feedback form. It works and should always be asked for after a successful call. At Talking Media Sales, we have a simple testimonial form you can use free. Just email me (email at bottom of article).



    Plan down. In sports it’s known as cool down. Spend some time to reflect on what you have achieved this week. Tick off the goals, the time you have spent building your direct media sales business. The key here is to reflect. Use some time on a Friday to do that. Also, think about the next week. This is also the time to plan Monday.  Do you have any appointments? If you are a manager, have you planned your sales meeting? Is the agenda in the hands of the sales people yet? Do they know what is going to be discussed? Have you spent some time today to prospect, get a few new clients to visit next week?

    1. Saturday

    Walk your dog, spend time with your family, do your favourite things. This is your time, the moments you can reflect on your work. Balance is a very important trait I notice with great direct media sales people. They are either in the community in some sort of way, or family orientated. They are always trying to find the balance in this crazy shifting landscape that is media.