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7 Questions to Ask a Brand New Client


    Asking the right Questions?

    7 questions to ask a Brand new Client who has never advertised before:

    1.      New leads into your Business?

    Q.  Are you constantly getting new leads in to your business?

    This question will open up the conversation around leads, what is the definition of a lead to your client, what age group are they, are they male or female, how do they create new leads?  Do they advertise, where do they advertise, if they do not advertise what are they currently doing to create new leads into their business?



    2.      Measurement process.

    Q. How do you measure your leads when they come in?

    This question helps you to see if they are actually recording and measuring their marketing activity. You may be able to help them with some systems your company uses, it might open up an opportunity to create Call to Action campaigns or try targeting specific areas of the business with advertising.



    3.      Are you generating repeat business?

    Q. Do you feel you could get more business from your current client base but you are not really doing enough in that area?

    This question opens up the need for consistently talking to their clients, either by advertising to them or talking to them in other ways. It may also put some doubt in your clients mind.  If you have been following our Thank you card strategy this might be a great way to demonstrate on how to talk to their clients. When you leave the business go back to your office and send them a Thank you card for meeting them... but just before you leave say to the client “ I will send you one idea on how you can talk to your clients more often” Do not tell them what you are going to do.



    4.      Investment Good or Bad?

    Q.     Do you feel that some of the money you are spending on advertising and promotion is not paying for itself?

    This is will certainly open up all the frustrations that they may have with their current advertising strategy, they might be happy about what they are doing, listen carefully, there are little gems in there that you can use to provide solutions at a future time, or straight away. The key is to listen, and remember, you are there just to get a better understanding of their business. Be patient,



    5.      Time Poor.

    Q.     Do you feel that you do not set aside enough time to think about your marketing and advertising efforts?

    Time is a huge factor for many of your clients; you need to find out if all their advertising and marketing is short term, rushed, last minute. There may be an opportunity for you to get a proposal together at a later time for an annual purchase.  Annual purchases allow clients to plan, and allow them to plan with you, and frees up their time to go about their business.



    6.      Would they Change?

    Q. If there was one thing you would do differently with your advertising, what would it be?

    This question like no’s  4 & 5  will open up your client to tell you some of her frustrations that they have with their current marketing,  listen carefully, there is always something that they would like improved that your media will most likely solve.

    7.      Next Steps-

    Q. What are yours?

    When you are meeting with the client for the first time, you want to be also thinking about the next time. It would be nice if you could identify a need in the first interview, pull out your magic plan and solve the client’s problem right there and then, that may happen, but usually it does not.


    Work between you and the client to see if there is a fit or not.  If there is, arrange to come back at another time  with some ideas and proposals that you think may be beneficial to your client.