Take a bus trip around your town or city

  • A friend of mine works in the real-estate business, at the moment it’s probably not the industry to be in, a bit like advertising.

    Anyway whenever they list a house, they get the opportunity to share the listing with all their fellow co- workers, because if they get a sole listing,(only that firm can sell the house) , the sales person  earn a little extra commission.

    A bit like selling a client lead and getting a share of the ad schedule when it comes in, (wouldn’t that be nice.)

    As part of this company strategy they do a bus trip every Monday morning and go and visit all the new listings from the previous week, the sales person who has that exclusive listing gets to do a presentation on the home, and sells all the features and benefits that the property may have, sort of like a sales pitch to the rest of the team.

    The team then have a look around, get a feel for the house, think about some clients that they know that might be interested, or they make a note so if a lead comes in that week they might just show that client the home. They then hop on the bus, and head off to the next home, where it starts all over again this is very successful for my friends real estate company.

    So here is an idea for you, why don’t you when next time you are lining up a sales meeting hire a bus/minivan and do a tour of the town, take a copywriter with you, and pick an area of your city that you have not been in for a while, park the bus, get out and do some sniffing around, set a goal to go in and talk to a couple of clients, ask them a few questions about their business, if it’s your turn to have a copywriter, take a brief from the client and volunteer to do a FREE ad for them to take back in a week to see if they like it, and, they may want to buy it, if you have a proposal tagged to it.

    See if there are any shops with builders in it, or building going on in the area,  try and get a feel for what is going on, there is always transition in any town, shops open, shops close, lease signs go up, then down. How many times have you gone past a for lease sign and the next week, it’s gone and newspaper is up in the store, or brown paper, or even a shop.

    Give it a try...

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