Right in Front of my Face !

  • There is a story about a leading manufacturing company based in Japan that saved ¼ million dollars by turning off the lights.

    A competition was run by this Japanese company with a reward, the task:

    “How we can save money in our company without damaging, effecting and interrupting the day to day operation of the business?”

    Turn the lights off

    All the staff embarked on a weeklong program in groups from senior management right down to the factor workers. At the end all entries were collated and the final prize went to one of the lowest paid workers.

    Their suggestion, turn all the lights out in the computer room and in the factory where automatic robots assembled parts for major components.

    The moral of the story is that sometimes a problem solved is often right in front of you and management do not have exclusive rights to the good ideas.

    If you have some real problems facing your advertising sales, spread the problems across all your departments, someone may just have the answer.

    Good selling