“Advertising – no not interested "

  • How many times have you heard that from a client? The truth is that client could live without your medium if they really wanted to, you on the other hand might starve.

    So how do you overcome that common objection? Well tell the truth, don’t string the client along on why he or she should buy your radio station,  just be truthful about what advertising can do.

    Using an example “Adverting is not going to save your business from collapsing (only you can do that), but it can position your business with your customers, that maybe your opposition has not thought of yet”.

    If you start getting into the “we are syndrome” they will just turn off.

    It’s been said that marketer’s frequently divide products into two categories “must have”- those products that are absolutely vital and your customer can not live without, and “nice to have" - those products that are useful but something the client could live without.

    So what are the products/services that your client cannot do without, advertising might outweigh the benefits of her “nice to have”.  



    Good selling