Would you Give your Client away?

  • Would you Give your Client away?

    Over the years I have conceded that maybe my opposition media company is the best fit for the client. If you are in that situation would you let the other guy take the business?

    The reason you want to do that is to show your customer that actually you have their best interests at heart. When you tell a client “look I have gone over your ad schedule and heard all the arguments for and against I think that the best buy for you at this moment is x radio station or newspaper or TV station.”

     Your clients will respect you for it and they will be grateful. You may even, at another time get her business and maybe even some referral’s.

    The truth is that you may not have the best price, best format or audience figures for that particular client, and that is just the way it is sometimes.

    If you suggest that there may be some better experienced and more qualified person may help them they will respect you for it.

    One thing that I found out very quickly was; Who was the best salesperson was on the other media companies, and if needed would recommend that the client call them.


    My friend Dave is a jean retailer and has several stores that stock certain brands of jeans, many a time when I am in his stores if a client wants a particular brand that he might not have, he is more than happy to recommend another store, it’s just good business.

    I was in another store just last week when I was searching for a particular shirt, (I think I like clothes) and was recommend by the store to go to another down the road, as they would have the one I wanted, that is customer service and knowing that some products or service are better for the client than the one they sell.

    As a footnote I let the store know I was visiting who recommended me to their store.

    The key is to establish yourself as the sales person that has the businesses needs first, and not yours, and a funny thing happens, you become perceived as the expert.