What my Dad taught me about Sales

  • What my Dad taught me about Sales but I wasn’t listening!


    My dad is 80 years of age, he was in the selling game too, well  the other day while I talking to him on the phone, he reckoned I had stolen some of the stuff that he had taught me about selling.  He still says that he taught me everything I know.

    Off course I said no way,  I could not for the life of me remember anything that he had taught me, the truth is that I was probably not listening at the time, or I was a pimply nosed kid when he told me his little bits of wisdom. Of course now I hear him every day, when I talk to my girls and give them my pearls of wisdom, and I can see the look from them, I probably gave Dad.

    Here is his pearl of wisdom that relates to sales, to background you, one of the sales jobs he had was with a vaccine company, my Dad had a farm for many years, and he knew how farmers worked, he has come up against some hard times and decided to sell products to farmers, as part of the training they taught him this selling Plan.

    He called it the Master Selling Plan, not sure if that is a great name, but none the less it’s pretty simple. Each letter in the word master describes a process you must do, to get a sale, and if you do it in that order, you should get a sale at the end.

    Here it is:

    M= Make ready- so if you do not have a plan stay in the car.

    A= Approach with benefits- Amen –benefits rule!

    S= Stimulate with desire- what it will do, how it will solve all the clients problems

    T=Tell the facts –Give them the costs, what they receive etc

    E= Eliminate the objections

    R= Ring up the sale

    How about that, I thought is a bit naff at first, but if you think about, it’s excellent, and an easy way to learn a selling cycle. I think I will nick it and make it mine... what do you think?


    Oh I’ll tell Dad...

  • Ellen McBride
    Ellen McBride Thanks for passing on this bit of wisdom, it's great!  An acrostice such as this helps to remember your end goal.
    June 24, 2011
  • Mike Brunel
    Mike Brunel Hi Joel...
    of course and I will let him know.... he is 82 now and well and fit... 
    Peter Brunel is his name 
    June 24, 2011