Send your Client a Door

  • Send your client a door

    How do you get clients that has said no to you a hundred times, but you just know that if I could just get his or her attention they would buy off you, what do you do, what is the one thing that might set you apart, try this- send them a door…

    The key to this idea was research, I was working on a radio station as a Sales Director and we were trying to get a local real-estate company to advertise with us.

    We tried everything, phone calls, invitations to client functions, dinners, all the ideas that might work for some clients but not this one. We offered him trips to far off places but no- he always advertised with other media and that was what he was determined to continue to do.

    A large Idea

    We knew though that he had a rather large ego and we knew that he would appreciate something big to match that ego. So at a brainstorming session we came up with an idea. An idea that we knew would set us apart from the competition, and if this idea did not work we then we had done everything we could to get him to come with us.

     So we came up with this idea that we would send him a door- yip a door and the biggest one we could find. So we went off to the local hardware recyclers and found just the door- it was in a pretty bad state and guess what it was,  big! …This was going to be our A move  or attention move–a door delivered to his place of business all  wrapped up with a rather large bow and a message inside …

    A delivery just for him

    We discovered that he conducted a sales meeting every Wednesday with his team at his head office. We arranged with our courier to deliver the door personally to his sales meeting. The big day arrived, and off the door went, the courier driver delivered the door personally to the client’s secretary, you could imagine what you would think if a huge parcel beautifully wrapped with a huge bow on it addressed to her boss arrived just in time to coincide with a sales meeting- you would interrupt the meeting, and take in the parcel, he would open it and get the surprise of his life…. That happened, the door was delivered to the meeting, in front of his whole staff he began to open it and discovered that it was a door- but it  no ordinary door because what was written on the door that got his attention, it read…  “Now that we have finally got you to open your door we would love to do business with you- Radio Station

    A client for Life

    It blew him away and positioned us in an instant - high up on his ego radar… later that morning we called him just to check to see if he received a parcel from us. Yes and please come and talk to me… a few weeks later we signed that real-estate agent to a major annual contract.

    Why don’t you try it... it might work...

  • Melanie Osborn
    Melanie Osborn Love this idea!
    July 18, 2011
  • Mike Brunel
    Mike Brunel Thanks Jack for your comment... I think your idea has merit... in my case we had tried everything...
    July 18, 2011
  • Roger Burke
    Roger Burke Best, most clever idea I've heard in a long time. Just goes to show with some pluck we can come up with the right ideas.
    July 22, 2011
  • Mike Brunel
    Mike Brunel Thanks Roger... that advertiser is still on radio by the way... in my company we called these A moves... 
    We brain stormed these once a quarter with the rest of the team...
    July 22, 2011