Is Positive Thinking Negative

  • Is Positive Thinking Negative

    I am not a great fan of the law of attraction books currently circulating at the moment.

    The theory is that if you “think real hard” then everything will come to you

    I would have to disagree... You can’t sit in a darkened room, by yourself and think positive and eureka... the world and everything you want will open to you... it’s just not going to work.

    In sales if you did that, then you might well be in your darkened room, but may be out of a job, by all means if sitting in a darkened room supports you goal to being more successful then that might be useful, but do not forget to set some goals and take some action soon after you put on the light.

    The key to positive thinking is to take action whatever it is. Here are few tips that might be useful to think about when you look towards setting goals in the latter half of 2011..

    1. If you want to gain another 10 clients, what do they look like, what type of client are they? What category are they in? Do they fit your medium?
    2. What will you gain from having those 10 clients, what revenue potential will they have? How could you create new ways to get in front of those clients? what is important to you personally when you achieve that goal
    3. What will you gain from achieving that goal?, what will you lose if you achieve this outcome. In other words what do you have to give up currently getting this new goal?
    4. When you set this goal how will you  increase the options you might want in your sales career, when you are successful you may want to reward yourself, what will that reward be?
    5. What do you have to give up getting this goal. Do you have to say goodbye to that little voice that says “you can’t do this?”
    6. What step are you going to take in the next 24 hours that will move you in the direction of that goal?
    7. What resources do you currently have to achieve this goal? (External: time money people to support you)
    8. The final tip is think about other times you were successful, even if it is a small achievement, those times can give you the confidence to set new goals.

    Are you a positive person? How do you goal set?  Tell us how you do that, so we are able to share your ideas with other salespeople that read this blog.