Are you writing thank you notes?

  • How to write a good thank you note

    It’s seems like a tough old market out there at the moment, in fact everywhere you go, they are telling us that advertising is down, it may never recover to what it used to be like, businesses are closing , and advertisers have stopped advertising. With all this doom and gloom talk going on, we may as well all pack up and leave, or get back to some basics .

    One of the biggest mistakes I see time and time again is that fact that many sales reps Sales Manager and General Mangers of media companies are forgetting their basics,

    When ever i talk with direct media sales people I recommend thank you notes, and believe these are the basic elements you could use to stand out from the crown.

    There are 5 elements to a good thank you note:

    1. Timing. You have at last been able to get in front of that client you have been trying to get in front of for months.  Usually you are the 49th sales reps they have seen this week.  I would be willing to bet you that only a handful of these individuals actually took the time to sit down and write a thank you note to that customer. Get the thank you it in front of them within 24 hours.
    2. Get the name right! Always check to see if you have got the name right, the spelling, the title and the correct address. No one likes their name spelt wrong.
    3. Remember something of interest. Try and pick up during your conversation something of interest that they might have. It might be a favourite sports team, or sport they follow, or an interest they enjoy. Includes this in the note.
    4. Grammar and Tone. This is just as important to getting the name right, do not construct a thank you note with bad grammar and writing they cannot read or understand.
    5. Short and Relevant. It is a thank you note, not a novel. 2-3 sentences max!  You want to thank them for their time, explain how much you know about their business, and mention something they will remember you by.

    Don’t come across as the shark in the pack of sales people, A good thank you note will set you apart from the crowd. Many sales people will tell you that these days it’s seven points of contact to build a relationship with a client. You have just completed two. One, when you went and met with the client, and two, a good thank you note.