What a 6 year old can teach you about sales

  • What a 6 year old can teach you about sales

    “Dad can I go to Emma’s please?”  Ask your mother, I reply, “Dad when I go and ask mummy can I tell her your answer is yes… The art of selling and asking for the order starts at an early age…. That was the question posed by my 6 year old daughter this holiday weekend.

    It got me thinking that our kids can teach us a lot about asking for the order and overcoming those sales objections.

    When it gets to adults asking for the order then that is a whole new set of rules isn’t it? …


    What if the client does not like me, have I presented enough information, was I contemplating those types of questions from my client.


    It is fair to say that a lot of what goes off in our head just before we ask for the business needs to be filtered out,  because it is past mistakes we hold onto, maybe next time when we go to ask for a sale it might work to  think like  that 6 year old and assume the sale from the beginning.


    Good selling






  • Julie Irving
    Julie Irving Yes, because confidence is so important!  The 6 year old is confident and self-assured because they have not learned anything else.  Unfortunately, as adults, we have learned rejection and other negatives that make us lose the confidence - however this is not productive at all and ideally we should push these thoughts aside.
    August 26, 2011
  • Mike Brunel
    Mike Brunel Julie..so true... confidence... and belief
    August 29, 2011