The Value is in the Inside


    In January of this year, Century Management's ( founder and chairman, Arnold Van Den Berg, told the following story at his annual client review. This is quoted from the April 30 issue of Outstanding Investor Digest:

    "One time at an auction, the U.S. government was auctioning off pilots' emergency kits - the kind that pilots use when they get shot down overseas. And people were just outbidding themselves on these survival kits. The government couldn't figure it out - until finally somebody realized they'd put three gold coins in each survival kit so that when a pilot would get shot down, he'd have some gold to trade. Well, some people knew that - and they were bidding 'em up."

    Hidden value... known only to the few who had looked inside...

    This example may apply to the investment community, but when I read it it struck me that it may also apply to our business as well…selling radio…

    What is the inside in our profession, it comes from all sorts of places, friends and relatives, dormant client’s lists, your current clients, associations, rotary clubs, sports clubs. The inside is everywhere.

    I have mentioned this on previous posts, if you are in the business of direct selling why not take a tour of your own town in a van or a SUV, pack the sales team up and check out some business parks, some neighborhoods, look for vacant shop fronts find out who the lease company is, and target the lease agents, find out their  names and get to know them, give them an incentive or some sort of reward for keeping you in the loop on what is going on, you may even have client that wants to expand their business with another store.

    This one simple exercise might just get you those half a dozen more clients who could make the difference between success and failure.

    Bonus Tip: If you are doing this yourself- take a copywriter or designer or producer with you and get some briefs off some clients. Then go back a few days later and present your ideas to the client with an advertising schedule.