Finding the Right Fit

  • Finding the Right Fit

    I used to get really frustrated when I would work with a client for months, call on them time and time again, usual response, “Yip we are keen, just come later, yes we will advertise, we love your radio station, ” only to find out that they simply could not buy my advertising, I thought that I had asked all the right questions, using all the quantifying rules I had learnt, but still no sale.

    The truth is that I was probably scared to hear the no.  We all do that, hang on to that little strand of success,  hope,looking for  that little  gem of maybe, then we can go back to the to the office, tell the Sales Manager that it’s going to be next week.

    Do you feel like that sometimes?

    Here are some tips from a marketing consultant Frank Girard that I use when I work with clients. These tips may just  overcome your frustrations and move your sales into the Yes or No column.

    Here is the scenario: You have completed the interview, consultant sell, and now you want to qualify and set up the next meeting.

    You need to work with the client to see if there is fit – this is what Frank recommends you find out:

    MONEY- can they afford you

    AUTHORITY- has the authority to hire you and write the check /cheque or sign the contract

    DESIRE-has a need, a problem, and wants it taken care of

    FIT-client is a good fit for your skills, personality, experience, and services: and

    URGENCY-client wants to solve the problem NOW rather than later

    We all need to know where we stand with a client, we do the best to find out if we fit,  next time try and not be afraid to ask these types of questions when you call on that client who says... “We are going to advertise with you real soon!!”