Tired of Cold calling?



    No one likes to cold call, many of us have had to cold call over the years, I know that once I established a client list and some regular business I was less keen to go out and cold call.


    But as salespeople we have an obligation to ask clients if they have an interest in our media.


    Cold calling can be scary everybody knows that, when you have a new client list and you have  never met them, then often cold calling is the only option you have.


    Many sales people have what we call in the industry Call Reluctance – its simple- a sales person is reluctant to pick up the phone, because they might just get rejected.


    The client might say no!


    The client might say no thanks not at the moment. The truth is if you truly want to be a successful advertising sales person you have to eliminate that fear you may have with cold calling.


    There is a way to make it seem easier so I want you to try this approach


    Step One: Send an introductory letter with an introductory offer. Nominate a time that you will be calling them.


    Step Two: Now is the time to make contact, call them, and inquire if they have received your letter? Would they be interested in the introductory offer that was in the letter? Is it possible to make an appointment and come and see them?


    Cold calling is a real challenge for sales people we all know that, but you have to get over that rejection that prospects may not be interested in your product or service. Persistence and tenacity does count in this business. So have faith, use the direct-mail approach, and be willing to be rejected.


    You are closer to a Yes...


    Good selling