Many thanks!

  • Wanted to thank the wonderful folks at the Radio Sales Cafe for sending out a prize: the Programming & Promotion book. Thank you Heather for the book and beautiful card!
  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt William, thanks so much for your note!  We're glad you received & enjoyed the book.  And we also thank Eric Rhoads and the staff of Radio Ink for providing us with this and other books to give away as prizes during our 2nd anniversary drawing.  BTW, I just listened to the "radio fairy" spot you posted on your page - made me smile!
    Have a great day,
    June 21, 2011
  • william schenold
    william schenold Cool! Thanks for the thanks!! Let me know how I can help. Be glad to make some stuff for you.
    Bill Schenold
    June 21, 2011