Salesman Balls

  • Have you ever been in a meeting where, due to the pressure of the call, the Sales Exec has said something that’s had you bite through your pencil trying not to laugh? Here are some examples of genuine things Sales Execs have said in meetings, or to creatives …. mostly in the UK but some from Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to Paul Borny for reminding me of them… and keeping the file… and to Tim Craig who collected many of them… and to the salespeople I love working with but sometimes trip over their vocabulary.


    Here are some samples:- More being added at


    “So you want to be on air on the 25th, which is arguably next Saturday”

    “He’s not very good at articulacy”

    “I guess we’ll just have to have the conclusion at the end then”

    “Let’s arrange to meet at a convenial time”

    “Don’t fax the original.. you may need that – send a photocopy”

    “Have I rung YOUR number?”

    “We must use everything at our disposable”

    “So you see.. it’s more people than watch magazines… sorry, read the television”

    “I’ve had numerable clients who have been happy with campaigns like this one”

    “Over four weeks, the campaign will have a conglomerative effect”

    “The problem is very much a double-edged cleft”

    “We now use a sophisticated research mythology”

    “The audience per capita head now stands at 621,000″